ColdEX Logistics

Investment Year : 2016
Region : India
Headquarters : New Delhi, India
Sector : Cold Chain Logistics

The Company 

ColdEX is India's premier cold chain company providing end-to-end cold chain services to leading domestic and international companies. ColdEX was founded in 1997 as a pure dry transportation carrier. In 2007, it diversified into temperature-controlled services and is now the largest private company in the nascent and fast-growing Indian cold chain logistics sector. ColdEX provides fully integrated cold chain services including primary distribution (long-haul), warehousing, value added services and secondary distribution (last mile). The company owns 800+ trucks for long-haul primary distribution and for last-mile secondary distribution and manages 6,650 pallets warehousing capacity across 4 locations in India. ColdEX plans to add significant warehousing capacity across the country to provide pan-India one-stop logistic solutions to its large multinational clients.

Currently only 11% of end-user industry volumes pass through cold chain in India versus a global average in developed economies of 95%. Food worth an astounding INR 440 billion (US$ 67 billion) goes waste in India each year due to lack of adequate transportation and storage infrastructure, in a country that is struggling to consistently feed its over 1.25 billion population. According to the UN FAO, the carbon footprint of food produced and not eaten globally is estimated at 4.4 Gtonnes of CO2 equivalent. As such, the contribution of food wastage emissions to global warming is almost equivalent to global road transport emissions or almost 30% of global emissions from electricity generation. The cold-chain logistics business represents a significant improvement in resource efficiency and reduction of food waste in a country.  By investing in one of the largest private cold chain logistics company in India to build out temperature-controlled warehouses, ACP will help to add infrastructure which is critical for the reduction of food wastage at regional and national scales and would have a substantial positive effect on natural and societal resources.